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Why Pro Se Parties Lose

As usual, we were prowling the internet and looking over some of the forums where people who are representing themselves gather to discuss their issues and what we found was absolutely frightening. First, a word of warning. People should be

Offers of Proof – A Lesson for Pro Se Litigants

Although any person is entitled to represent themselves in their lawsuit, unless you are going to put the time and effort into really learning the Rules of Civil Procedure (aka the Rules of Court) and the Rules of Evidence you’re

Areas of the Law that Really Require a Lawyer

  The law in every state allows people to represent themselves (known as appearing "pro se" or "pro per") in almost every kind of case. Despite the fact that a person with no training is allowed to do so, the

What Questions Do You Have?

We're going to offer our readers a unique chance to send us a question or two they would like Lawyer X to answer on the website. There will be no charge for the submission or response.. Anyone who reads our Guerrilla Guides

Case Law – Be Sure You Know What You’re Reading

A legal expert sent us an email and asked that we post a short article on this topic to help out people representing themselves. These are things that lawyers learn early and it's easy to overlook that everyone might not

Recent Supreme Court Opinions and Why They Are Important

We're not a political website, even though occasionally we turn Lawyer X loose on the internet and let him post to various comment sections on web pages. doesn't care whether you are liberal or conservative, and most lawyers will

Coming Very Soon: The Guerrilla Guide to Preparing a Trial Notebook

We're going to depart just a little bit on the format of our next Guerrilla Guide to the Law. We're still working on The Guerrilla Guide to Applying for Social Security Disability and The Guerrilla Guide to Depositions (expected to be

When You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

Just as important as knowing if you can represent yourself in legal matters is when you shouldn't. First, and most important, if you don't have the time, inclination, or if you aren't studious then you shouldn't attempt to handle  your

Court Appointed Lawyers – Criminal Defense

We rarely discuss criminal law on this site, primarily because it's hard to envision any example EVER where a judge would allow a party to have a lawyer and the party would choose instead to represent themselves. However, we have

What is Hearsay

The concept of hearsay is extremely easy if you understand it and extremely difficult if you do not. We cover it in a lot more detail in our book, The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections, but we still wanted to