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Our website contains free articles, podcasts, and videos which help people representing themselves in court. For more in-depth information on a particular subject we offer our Guerrilla Guides to the Law series which cover a variety of legal topics.

The Guerrilla Guides to the Law

This website was started with the intent to educate readers on how to represent themselves in almost any case.  Our published book series, The Guerrilla Guides to the Law, provides an in-depth look  at specific subjects on lawsuits to help

Representing Yourself in Court

Most people come to this website because they have been sued or want to sue somebody and don't have the money for a lawyer. Representing yourself is not something that everyone should attempt.

New Property Insurance Law in Texas Starts Sept 1

There is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering circling the internet about a new Texas insurance law set to take place September 1, 2017. House Bill 1774 will reduce the penalties insurance companies will have to pay if they

Texas and Federal Resources for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

A comprehensive listing of state and federal resources for Hurricane Harvey survivors.

Offers of Proof – Preserving Error in Trial

Information on an Offer of Proof and preserving error can be gained by researching case law, reading the Rules of Civil Procedure or Rules of Court, and practicing. If you have never been in a trial then we suggest

Tax Related Identity Theft

Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number or ITIN to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund. Find out what to do, who to contact, and how to protect yourself.

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We have a number of websites and were hit with a variety of problems and it took us months to clean them up. However, is a website which is used by a lot of people who are concerned about