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Careful Case Preparation is the Key to Winning Your Case

Understanding legal concepts and how to spot problems is important for winning your case.

Case preparation and understanding legal concepts are important for winning your case.

Case Law – Be Sure You Know What You’re Reading

A legal expert sent us an email and asked that we post a short article on this topic to help out people representing themselves. These are things that lawyers learn early and it's easy to overlook that everyone might not

The Two Most Important Parts of Representing Yourself in a Case

When I was first approached about writing the Guerrilla Guides to the Law, we made the decision that they were going to be dedicated to one topic each, there would be no specific length of book or word count required, and

How to Read A Law or Statute

One of the biggest mistakes someone pro se (or someone representing themselves) can make is misreading a law or statute. Some statutes or laws are written with language that is easy to understand. Unfortunately, those are few and far between.  Most

Know How to Cite!

There are two clear signs of someone that doesn't know what they are doing and that marks them as 1) trouble for the court/judge, and 2) easy pickings for the lawyer on the other side of the case. The first

Pro Se Parties Should Think…Then Act

​If you have read through the articles on this website then you know that not only do we believe that a person deciding to handle a lawsuit themselves is not only appropriate but in some cases can even be more

There is No Substitute for Knowledge

One of the most enlightening things I have done as a writer, and I wish I had been able to do it it back when I was an active trial lawyer, is to go to the various websites and forums and

Discovery and Legal Research are the Most Important Skills of Being Pro Se

The real problem with representing yourself against a debt collector, in a divorce, or any other lawsuit is that you don't have as much knowledge as you need. You will never know as much about the law as a lawyer

How to Read and Brief a Case When Doing Legal Research

As we have said on here many times, the chief advantage an attorney has over a pro se litigant (someone who is representing themselves in court) is knowledge. Not intelligence, but knowledge. What that really means is that they 1)

The Guerrilla Guide to Legal Research: Finding the Law for Non-Lawyers Now Available

It has been a long, exhausting road on this book. It was written, rewritten, and then almost completely scrapped and started again. Legal research is an incredibly dry topic and is hard to explain in a book format. Most law