About Us

Tired of the legal system?

Us too.

This blog and website are run by a corporation, but most of the entries are written by an ex-lawyer who is fed up with the way things work and, more importantly, don’t work. We’ll call him Lawyer X.

While the American legal system is constantly proclaimed to be the greatest one in the world, it’s far from perfect, far from justice and we can do better (to borrow a phrase).

If you feel downtrodden by the legal system, put upon by lawyers, or just want the system changed LessonsInLaw.com is for you.

We need to put some disclaimers here because there are some important things that LessonsInLaw.com is not.

We are not your lawyer.

We are not giving you legal advice.

We do not represent you.

The information offered here is just that, information. As such it has to be generic in nature. The legal system runs on not only the law, but facts as well. One slight change in facts can yield a completely different result.

We are not meant to take the place of a lawyer and, as the legal system exists today, a lawyer is always the preferred method of handling a legal issue.

Most importantly, the law is rarely, if ever, black and white. It is a constantly shifting, ever evolving thing. What works for one person may not work for you and “the general rule” may not apply in your case. This is true whether you are a lawyer or not, so you should always be prepared for things not working the way you think they will.