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The Difference Between Pro Se and Pro Per

Pro se vs Pro per

A party who proceeds in a lawsuit without an attorney is “appearing in their own person” and the legal abbreviations for the Latin term indicating this are Pro Se or Pro Per. Both are correct and mean the exact same

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Warning!!! – New Email Scam

Email Scam Alert

We have just learned about a new email scam that is making the rounds and the crooks who are doing it appear to make a lot of money.

Finding Foreign Objects in Food

We get a lot of questions when someone finds a foreign object in their food along with, "Can I sue?" and my usual response is, "You need to visit with a local lawyer to examine your options."

How to Avoid a Foreclosure

Preventing Foreclosure Foreclosures are no longer at all-time high but there are still 4.2 million loans in a delinquent or foreclosure status.  Consumers need to be educated on what they can do to keep their home from being foreclosed. The

Making Your Case Understood: The Basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

If the judge or jury doesn't understand your case then the likelihood is that you will lose or not get the full amount of damages. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help jurors absorb new information.

What is Bankruptcy?

Overview of Bankruptcy Bankruptcy in the United States is designed to allow individuals, businesses and corporations to eliminate or extend payments of some or all debts. There are basically two categories of bankruptcy: liquidation and reorganization. The categories are then

Why Are Attorneys so Expensive and Do I Need One?

There is a movement for people to try and use attorneys as little as possible which is why this entire website, our videos, our podcasts, and the webinars concentrate on teaching people about the law, lawsuits, and the concepts behind

How To File A Lawsuit

So it’s time to sue someone, what do you do now? The process is the same whether a lawyer sues someone or you do it yourself. Learn how to file a lawsuit, the purpose of a demand letter, damages,

How to Import Goods into the U.S.

Importing goods into the United States means dealing with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Everything imported has to be cleared by Customs, and most of it is subject to a duty payment before it can enter the country. Since Customs