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SCAM ALERT: Mexican Timeshares

Occasionally we run an article on scams that we see popping up and one of the newest ones prays on the people who are already stuck with a timeshare and getting desperate to get rid of it and out from

Scams A-Plenty – Don’t Fall for Them – Update on FBI MoneyPak Scam

We're hearing about a lot of scams happening and there seem to be more than normal where the scammers are pretending to be some governmental agency. In the last week we've heard of scams where they claim to be the

Internet Loan Scams

Just a word of warning, and it is a little off of our normal topics here, but a lot of people are reporting problems after getting loans through the internet loan companies. The problem that is popping up is that

Payday Loan Scam

Although this website is really devoted to helping people understand the legal system and representing themselves in lawsuits, occasionally we'll throw a tip on here just to help out. There is a scam out there now that popped up about