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Representing Yourself in Court

Most people come to this website because they have been sued or want to sue somebody and don't have the money for a lawyer. Representing yourself is not something that everyone should attempt.

How to Get and Prepare Evidence for Your Case

The best place to start accumulating evidence is through the use of discovery. Interrogatories, requests for production, and requests for admission sent to the other party will often provide all of the evidence necessary to win a case.

Holiday Season is a Great Time to Do Discovery

If you are pro se (aka pro per or representing yourself) then you need every advantage you can get. One of these is to catch them other side when they aren't at the top of their form. If you are

Discovery and Legal Research are the Most Important Skills of Being Pro Se

The real problem with representing yourself against a debt collector, in a divorce, or any other lawsuit is that you don't have as much knowledge as you need. You will never know as much about the law as a lawyer

Discovery Basics for the Pro Se Pt. 2 – What are Interrogatories?

Interrogatories are probably the most basic form of discovery, although some would argue that is actually the mandated disclosures, and they are the source for determining what evidence exists and what you can expect in trial. What are Interrogatories? In

Discovery Basics for the Pro Se Pt. 2 – What are Requests for Production?

Although the rule number controlling Requests for Production will vary according to the jurisdiction all states and the federal system allow for their use, although some small claims courts do not allow for any discovery. Requests for Production are the

Discovery Basics for the Pro Se – What is Discovery and What is Disclosure?

Sometimes those of us who spent a long time in the legal industry forget that not everyone understands all of the legal-ese that gets thrown around so I thought it might be a good idea to do an article every

The Importance of Discovery

Many people representing themselves in court, known in legal parlance as pro per or pro se, think that once they file the lawsuit then all they need to do is show up at the hearing. While certainly that is sometimes

Objections Can Make Your Discovery Useless

A friend passed along this issue and asked us to write an entry on it since it is pretty common in lawsuits, but might be one of those issues that a person representing themselves pro se would not know. Discovery

What is Discovery?

While we have a great book on written discovery available through the website (you can read about it at this post) we wanted to take just a moment to answer the basic question, "What is Discovery"? To answer it, we'll