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Representing Yourself in Court

Most people come to this website because they have been sued or want to sue somebody and don't have the money for a lawyer. Representing yourself is not something that everyone should attempt.

Spend Your Time Learning, Not Looking for a Form

When a pro se litigant begins to choose books (like our Guerrilla Guides to the law) , listen to podcasts (like ours) or watch videos (ours will be coming soon) they often see reviews or comments by others about the

When You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

Just as important as knowing if you can represent yourself in legal matters is when you shouldn't. First, and most important, if you don't have the time, inclination, or if you aren't studious then you shouldn't attempt to handle  your

Now Available! – The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court

We're pleased to announce that, after much editing and revising, the newest book in the Guerrilla Guides to the Law series is now available! The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court is the one book that covers small claims court

Should You Sue?

We spend a lot of time on here talking about what happens when you are in a lawsuit but the first question which should be addressed by someone in every lawsuit is whether the case should be pursued in the first

Outsource Your Problems

The main advantage attorneys have over people representing themselves, and the only reason people should be scared of going into the courtroom, is knowledge about the system. However, with the advent of the internet the playing field has been leveled to

Be Careful of Internet Experts on the Law!

I was looking through some of the legal self help videos on YouTube today and was astounded at the number of imbeciles posting absolutely incorrect information in the comments section. One commenter explained how "pro per" was different than "pro se"

The #1 Mistake Made by Pro Se and Pro Per Parties

This article suddenly came to me when I was talking with a person representing themselves the other day. We were discussing an issue regarding the Rules of Civil Procedure, which anyone who is representing themselves had BETTER know and understand

Dealing with a Difficult Lawyer on the Other Side

 A case with a difficult lawyer on the other side rates somewhere between a root canal and a rectal exam in the scheme of unpleasant things in life. The simple fact of the matter is that you have to be