Outsource Your Problems

The main advantage attorneys have over people representing themselves, and the only reason people should be scared of going into the courtroom, is knowledge about the system.

However, with the advent of the internet the playing field has been leveled to a certain extent.This is because of the extent to which people can now access correct legal information. Of course, along with the easier access to information also comes the easier access to incorrect information.

We take pride here at LessonsInLaw.com to provide correct information but there are a few other places where it can be accessed as well.

One of these is JustAnswer, which can be accessed through the link on our sidebar. JustAnswer is a website that has experts in a number of categories, including legal, standing by to answer your questions and provide valuable information. 

There are two other sources where valuable legal assistance can be obtained. Odesk.com and eLance.com are two websites where attorneys perform work on a contract basis. You can describe your job there, explaining in as much detail as possible, and attorneys and paralegals will bid on the work. You can often obtain legal assistance for a fraction of the price of hiring your own lawyer.

Of course, if you are going to represent youself you still need to prepare by doing proper legal research and discovery, as explained in the Guerrilla Guides, and familiarizing yourself with the Rules of Court (aka Rules of Civil Procedure) and the Rules of Evidence.

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