What To Do When You’ve Been Sued


We are working on our own videos for the website but until we get those done we're going to try and find some to use which we feel are adequate. Personally, I'd rather read something than watch a video on it but most people prefer the video. The one which we are posting here is on responding to a lawsuit when you've been sued.

The most important thing to remember is DON'T IGNORE THE LAWSUIT! You will always lose if you ignore it. At least file an Answer and that will get you in a better position to bargain and potentially get a lower judgment whereas if you don't file an Answer at all then you lose and the other side gets everything they ask for.

However, you must also consider an issue known as the "due order of pleadings". That means that certain things have to be filed in a certain order. For your purposes, the main issue is whether you think venue is proper (whether the lawsuit is filed where it should be filed). If you intend to challenge where the lawsuit is filed then the Objection or Motion to Transfer Venue must be filed before your Answer or it is waived.

We will discuss these issues more in the coming days, but for now this video shoudl get you started.

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