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Why Are Attorneys so Expensive and Do I Need One?

There is a movement for people to try and use attorneys as little as possible which is why this entire website, our videos, our podcasts, and the webinars concentrate on teaching people about the law, lawsuits, and the concepts behind

The Two Most Important Parts of Representing Yourself in a Case

When I was first approached about writing the Guerrilla Guides to the Law, we made the decision that they were going to be dedicated to one topic each, there would be no specific length of book or word count required, and

One of the Big Problems with Modern Courts – Extraordinary has Become Ordinary

Just a minute here to rant. One things that I see which has become commonplace, and the blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of judges for this, is the use of "extraordinary remedies" being commonplace. Extraordinary remedies are

Summary Judgment from a Pro Se Litigant’s Perspective

While Motions for Summary Judgment are rarely seen in small claims court cases they are standard in any level of court above that and are even used in some debt collection cases in the small claims system. Essentially, a Motion

Pro Se Parties Should Think…Then Act

​If you have read through the articles on this website then you know that not only do we believe that a person deciding to handle a lawsuit themselves is not only appropriate but in some cases can even be more

Civil Procedure – The Basis for a Lawsuit

Soon we'll be adding a page on here which will have links to the Rules of Civil Procedure for each state but in the meantime I continually see people trying to represent themselves without even the basic knowledge that is

The Biggest Mistake Made When Sued by a Debt Collector

As our loyal readers know, our new book in the Guerrilla Guides to the Law series will be coming out soon. The working title is The Guerrilla  Guide to Defending Yourself Against a Debt Collector, although that title may change