What Questions Do You Have?


We’re going to offer our readers a unique chance to send us a question or two they would like Lawyer X to answer on the website. There will be no charge for the submission or response..

Anyone who reads our Guerrilla Guides to the Law (available as PDF, Nook or Kindle)is familiar with Lawyer X as a former trial lawyer with a wealth of knowledge as to trials and procedures and an ability to provide that information in language that is easy for a layman to understand, stripped of as much “legal-ese” as possible”.

Also, please remember that Lawyer X is a former trial lawyer who no longer has an active practice and just writes for us as well as does trial consulting so please provide complete information but be as direct as possible. The more specific your question the more likely it is going to be chosen as one of those to be answered.

We do have a few rules on this.

First, Lawyer X can’t offer legal advice. This is due to a variety of reasons including issues with the various State Bar Associations, as well as the fact that no attorney client privilege can be formed. If you send in a question asking for legal advice he’ll drop you a line and just let you know that he can’t answer it and we hope you understand.

Second, the question(s) he chooses will be featured on the website as a post and therefore you shouldn’t put anything like names or identifying information in them. By submitting the question you agree that the question and answer can be used on this website for that purpose and no compensation will be paid or expected.

Third, there is no specific time limit in which the answer will be provided. Any questions that are time sensitive should be addressed to a local lawyer.

Lastly, due to the amount of time it takes Lawyer X can not answer questions that call for case or statutory citations. 

We also ask that you have at least made an attempt to find the answer yourself and set out what attempts you have made to find the answer. Lawyer X, and this website, are firm believers that it is better to explain to someone how to find information than to just provide it outright to them so the questions selected for answers will be answered and then if possible Lawyer X will explain how he arrived at that answer so you can follow the process.

No topic is really out of bounds, but we can tell you that the questions chosen to be answered will be the ones that are most likely to apply to a wide audience.

To submit your question please complete the form below.  Fill in the blanks with all your info. There is a chance that some questions will be answered by email and not published and, in addition, any questions submitted without the complete information will be rejected automatically. We will not sell your information to other companies, we hate SPAM as much as you do, and your email will only be used for the purposes of this website. To date we have never sent mass mailers or advertisements, all we have done is notify members when books they have purchased have been updated or provide information that is pertinent.

Procedural questions will likely work best for this promotion but since it is the first time we have done it send whatever you like.