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Offers of Proof – Preserving Error in Trial

Information on an Offer of Proof and preserving error can be gained by researching case law, reading the Rules of Civil Procedure or Rules of Court, and practicing. If you have never been in a trial then we suggest

Recent Supreme Court Opinions and Why They Are Important

We're not a political website, even though occasionally we turn Lawyer X loose on the internet and let him post to various comment sections on web pages. doesn't care whether you are liberal or conservative, and most lawyers will

Types of Appeals from Municipal Court, Small Claims Courts, and Justice of the Peace Courts

There are a number of different courts which deal with minor matters such as traffic or municipal tickets or small claims. However, many of these cases end in such a way that one party feels the need to appeal. How

The Rules and Offers of Proof – Getting Evidence Into the Record for Appeal

The one thing that the legal system, including both lawyers and judges, can do to mess with a person representing themselves is use "the rules". When handling your case in court not only do you have to worry about the