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Court Appointed Lawyers – Criminal Defense

We rarely discuss criminal law on this site, primarily because it's hard to envision any example EVER where a judge would allow a party to have a lawyer and the party would choose instead to represent themselves. However, we have

Bail Bonds and Other Things to Consider if Arrested

We don't often talk on about criminal matters because 1) it is ALWAYS possible to have a lawyer if you are accused of a crime and there is a possibility of jail time, and 2) I think that anyone who

I’ve Been Accused of a Crime. Should I Talk to the Police?

This is an extremely easy question to answer. No. Never, ever talk to the police without first hiring a lawyer and having them with you or at least on call. The police are never, ever on the side of a

Expungment of a Criminal Record aka Clearing a Criminal Record

Rarely is it a good idea for someone to represent themselves in a criminal case and applying for an expunction is, at its roots, a criminal case. However, some people either can't afford an attorney or are just determined that