I’ve Been Accused of a Crime. Should I Talk to the Police?

This is an extremely easy question to answer.


Never, ever talk to the police without first hiring a lawyer and having them with you or at least on call.

The police are never, ever on the side of a person accused of a crime. The court permit the police to lie, mislead, make false promises, etc. to induce a person to talk to them and provide information, much of which will be used against that person and which may even be misrepresented by the police.

The Miranda warnings that we have all heard about in movies and on television only apply in certain circumstances and don't provide as many protections as most people believe.

If you get a call from the police or any other government agency who wants to talk to you about something which might be a crime your first step should be to tell them that you need to speak to an attorney first.


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