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Why Are Attorneys so Expensive and Do I Need One?

There is a movement for people to try and use attorneys as little as possible which is why this entire website, our videos, our podcasts, and the webinars concentrate on teaching people about the law, lawsuits, and the concepts behind

Coming Soon – A Free Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuits

We are continuing to produce great books for sale at a great price (The Guerrilla Guides to the Law), so we thought we'd tip you off about a new ebook that will be coming soon. It is still in the editing process

Going Off the Record

If you ever take the time to go to court and watch hearings or trials, and you should if you are going to represent yourself, you will see lawyers and judges agreeing to go "off the record" on a regular

Two Things To Help a Pro Se Beat a Lawyer

Pro Se litigants, which means people who represent themselves in  lawsuit, don't lose their cases because the system is against them, or because the lawyer paid off the judge, or because they did a great job and the judge doesn't

I’ve Been Accused of a Crime. Should I Talk to the Police?

This is an extremely easy question to answer. No. Never, ever talk to the police without first hiring a lawyer and having them with you or at least on call. The police are never, ever on the side of a

Holiday Season is a Great Time to Do Discovery

If you are pro se (aka pro per or representing yourself) then you need every advantage you can get. One of these is to catch them other side when they aren't at the top of their form. If you are

Social Media Issues for the Pro Se (aka Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc Are Not Necessarily Your Friend)

Anytime you are in a lawsuit, whether as a Pro Se or Pro Per litigant (representing yourself in court) or an attorney or a party, you must assume two things: 1) Your opponent is smarter than you; and  2) They

Pro Se and Representing Yourself in Court

There are several phrases associated with representing yourself in court. "Pro Se" is actually a Latin phrase meaning "on one's own behalf" and is the most common way to refer to a person representing themselves in a legal situation. Another phrase