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Coming Soon – A Free Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuits

We are continuing to produce great books for sale at a great price (The Guerrilla Guides to the Law), so we thought we'd tip you off about a new ebook that will be coming soon. It is still in the editing process

The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court – Finished and In Editing

We just wanted to post a quick note and let our readers know that the Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court is completed and now in the editing phase. If anyone is in or about to be in small claims

Why Won’t the Insurance Company Pay My Car Wreck Claim?

Twenty or so years ago, car wreck cases were relatively easy to settle even for people representing themselves. You reported the wreck, the insurance adjuster shows up to do appraisals of the damages and took pictures, the claimant who was not

Pro Se Parties Should Think…Then Act

​If you have read through the articles on this website then you know that not only do we believe that a person deciding to handle a lawsuit themselves is not only appropriate but in some cases can even be more

Now Available – The Guerrilla Guide to How to Fight a Debt Collection Lawsuit

  Due to several email requests we have just released the instantly downloadable PDF version of The Guerrilla Guide to How to Fight a Debt Collection Lawsuit, available at RebellionBooks.com. We also have all of our Guerrilla Guides specially priced

Does Your Lawyer Care About Your Case?

Over and over I have heard and read the complaints that, "My lawyer is working for the other side." Sorry, there is about a 99% chance that's just BS. You may not want to hear this and you certainly aren't

Walk It Off

Even though I am no longer practicing law, I still do some consulting and often get calls from lawyers that I know wanting to bounce ideas off of me or ask questions. Just the other day I got just such

Objections Can Make Your Discovery Useless

A friend passed along this issue and asked us to write an entry on it since it is pretty common in lawsuits, but might be one of those issues that a person representing themselves pro se would not know. Discovery

What is Discovery?

While we have a great book on written discovery available through the website (you can read about it at this post) we wanted to take just a moment to answer the basic question, "What is Discovery"? To answer it, we'll

The Guerrilla Guides to the Law

     Do you want to represent yourself in a lawsuit, but are afraid that not only will the playing field not be level but it will even be slanted against you? That's a valid concern! Lawyers are able to