The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court – Finished and In Editing

We just wanted to post a quick note and let our readers know that the Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court is completed and now in the editing phase. If anyone is in or about to be in small claims court and needs the guide now we'll be happy to sell the draft version and then send you the edited copy when it is complete.

Drop us an email if you need this immediately and we'll send you an invoice and do our best to get it to you ASAP.

The contents will include:

  • Overview of the Small Claims Court System
  • Before You File the Lawsuit
  • Can you sue?
  • Judge or Jury
  • What is Your Case Worth and For How Much Can/Should You Sue
  • How to Settle the Dispute Without a Trial
  • Where to Sue – Jurisdiction and Venue
  • What Rules Apply
  • How a Lawsuit Starts
  • The Default Judgment
  • Discovery in Small Claims Court
  • Motions
  • Where Can I Get a Form for That
  • Getting Ready for Small Claims Court
  • The Trial
  • The Judgment
  • The Basics of Appealing a Small Claims Judgment
  • The Basics of Collecting on a Judgment
  • Completing the Case

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