The Guerrilla Guides to the Law


Do you want to represent yourself in a lawsuit, but are afraid that not only will the playing field not be level but it will even be slanted against you?

That's a valid concern!

Lawyers are able to charge so much not because they're more important than you are, but because of what they know. and if you are representing yourself, also known as being Pro Se or Pro Per, then you need to be prepared.

Legend has it that a person once complained about a surveying bill that of ten dollars that he received from George Washington. "$5.00 for surveying stakes? That's ridiculous!" the man is said to have exclaimed.

"The surveying stake was only a penny," George Washington replied. "But knowing where to put the stakes cost you $4.99".

That's the way the business of law works as well.

We can't teach you everything a lawyer knows, but the Guerrilla Guides to the Law can certainly help you to at least get the basic knowledge required to hold your own or even win your case. Of course, we always recommend that yo hire a lawyer but if you can't, then the Guerrilla Guides to the Law allow you to not go to the war known as litigation unarmed.

We currently have two available, the Guerrilla Guide to Picking a Jury, and the Guerrilla Guide to Written Discovery. Soon to be released are the Guerrilla Guide to Legal Research, the Guerrilla Guide to Depositions, and the Guerrilla Guide to Settling Your Car Wreck Case.

All of the Guerrilla Guides will be available through as an instantly downloadable PDF file, or through for the Kindle. They will soon be available in print as well.

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