Sued for a Credit Card You Don’t Owe or Too Late?

There is a huge surge lately in scummy collection agencies suing for credit card debts that 1) are past the statute of limitations (which usually starts running on the date of the last payment), 2) that actually are owed by someone else with a similar name, or 3) that aren't owed at all.

Despite the fact that these are bogus, a person who is sued must still answer and fight. The best thing to do is hire an attorney and ask them to seek sanctions from the other side for a frivolous filing. While you can do this yourself, the court isn't likely to sanction the other side if you represent yourself.

The reason we are making this post is to urge you to fight them! Make it cost them money to pursue this frivolous course of action because these are the type of lawsuits clogging the courts uselessly, not the ones where people are actually injured.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a couple of reports on this topic and have urged the courts to sanction companies that sue in this manner. You should find these on the internet and submit them to the judge along with your argument for sanctions. We are placing one of the reports here for you to download.

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