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A Video Guide to Small Claims Court

LessonsInLaw.com is pleased to announce our first video, A Guide to Small Claims Court, is now available. We have a series of videos planned covering many of the topics we write about but this first one is dedicated to familiarizing

Small Claims Court Lawsuits

With the decline in the economy and the rising cost of attorney’s fees, many people are choosing to represent themselves and using the small claims court system in their state rather than going through the more expensive and lengthier processes

Free Webinars for Pro Se Litigants (or Potential Litigants)

We are considering offering free webinars periodically for people who visit the website. The webinar would be done by one of our writers, likely the writer for The Guerrilla Guides to the Law, Lawyer X. We want to get some

The #1 Mistake Made by Pro Se and Pro Per Parties

This article suddenly came to me when I was talking with a person representing themselves the other day. We were discussing an issue regarding the Rules of Civil Procedure, which anyone who is representing themselves had BETTER know and understand

Dealing with a Difficult Lawyer on the Other Side

 A case with a difficult lawyer on the other side rates somewhere between a root canal and a rectal exam in the scheme of unpleasant things in life. The simple fact of the matter is that you have to be

Pro Se Versus a Lawyer on the Other Side? Level the Playing Field

A simple but little believed truth is that most lawyers don't have trials. Most of their practice is spent in the office but when they do go to court it is usually to have a hearing in front of a

Motion for Continuance Information

There comes a point in many lawsuits where one or the other of the parties gets set for a hearing or trial and is not quite ready yet. While you can always try and reach an agreement on delaying the

Where is the form….

At some point in the last twenty years apparently people have come to believe that there is a legal form for every situation, and if they just had the right form it will solve all of their problems and do

What To Do If Your Lawyer Quits

There are really 4 different types of people who represent themselves: 1) People who choose to proceed without a lawyer These people believe that they can represent themselves as good as an attorney or make the economic decision that the