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Making Your Case Understood: The Basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

If the judge or jury doesn't understand your case then the likelihood is that you will lose or not get the full amount of damages. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help jurors absorb new information.

Leveling the Playing Field When You Represent Yourself

Let's face it, the legal system is predominately based on good old boys helping each other out. While some exceptions exist, in most cases a judge is going to lean in favor of the lawyer when a judgment call has

Jury Trial or Trial to a Judge?

We've discussed this issue before but I wanted to go over it again, not because we offer an ebook on jury selection but because it is an area where someone representing themselves (known as pro se or pro per) can

Jury Trials for Pro Se Parties

One way in which this website and the writer, Lawyer X, depart from conventional wisdom is in the area of pro se or pro per parties choosing to have a jury trial rather than a bench trial (trial to a

Pro Se Versus a Lawyer on the Other Side? Level the Playing Field

A simple but little believed truth is that most lawyers don't have trials. Most of their practice is spent in the office but when they do go to court it is usually to have a hearing in front of a

Interesting Article on What Jurors Think About Voir Dire Questions

Since we just released our Guerrilla Guide to Picking a Jury: Jury Selection and Voir Dire for Non-Lawyers (available here as an instantly downloadable eBook and here for the Kindle) we thought the following article would be interesting. We found

Jury Selection for Non-lawyers

We're proud to announce that the first book in our planned series, The Guerrilla Guides to the Law, is now available for purchase. The Guerrilla Guide to Picking a Jury: Jury Selection and Voir Dire for Non-Lawyers is available both

Coming Soon – The Guerrilla Guide to Jury Selection (aka How a Non-lawyer Can Effectively Pick a Jury)

Just a note to let you know that the first ebook in the Guerrilla Guides to the Law will be available in the next week or so. While we have several currently being written we chose to push the one