Think Like a Lawyer!

Look, the simple fact is that there are good lawyers and bad lawyers. There are smart lawyer and dumb lawyers. And there are skilled lawyers and unskilled ones.

The same applies to judges as well.

However, they all have one big advantage over the people representing themselves.

They went through three years of hell (aka law school) to learn how to think a certain way.

Like a lawyer.

Even the worst lawyers had to have been able to do this a little bit to be able to graduate law school and pass the bar exam.

In our Guerrilla Guides to the Law, that is that is the biggest thing we focus on in each topic. How thinking like a lawyer and understanding the concepts allows you to be at least competitive in your case and without spending six figures in education to get there.

When you look at your case you have to be able to strip away all emotion, all BS, and look at just the important facts and the principles of law that control. 

You also have to understand enough to yell "Bullshit" when things aren't working right.

Just recently, I had someone ask me a question on a legal topic and when I answered them, they then proceeded to argue with me based on something they had read on the internet.

First off, they completely misunderstood the whole concept of their case. Second, don't believe everything you read on the internet. There is nothing more dangerous that a person who won their own case or a paralegal trying to advise you on legal matters. If it doesn't come from somebody that has at least been through law school and passed the bar exam then it isn't worth anything.

Understand your case, understand your facts, and understand the law.

Then, think like a lawyer.

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