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Going Off the Record

If you ever take the time to go to court and watch hearings or trials, and you should if you are going to represent yourself, you will see lawyers and judges agreeing to go "off the record" on a regular

Catch ‘Em by Surprise

I'm going to veer from the more substantive posts I've been doing lately to discuss a trial tactic that is particularly applicable with pro se litigants (people representing themselves in lawsuits). And although I always hated it when I heard

Types of Appeals from Municipal Court, Small Claims Courts, and Justice of the Peace Courts

There are a number of different courts which deal with minor matters such as traffic or municipal tickets or small claims. However, many of these cases end in such a way that one party feels the need to appeal. How

Excellent Information for Pro Se Litigants

We don't link to other people's websites very often because the information is often wrong and even more often outdated. However, while looking for questions that need answers we came across the following podcast/transcript in which a former judge talks about

Pro Se and Representing Yourself in Court

There are several phrases associated with representing yourself in court. "Pro Se" is actually a Latin phrase meaning "on one's own behalf" and is the most common way to refer to a person representing themselves in a legal situation. Another phrase

I Fired My Lawyer and Got My File, Now What?

Unfortunately, many people get mad at their attorneys and fire them without really, really thinking it through first. There are others whose attorneys back out of a case once it is started. Often the person then reads a little information

Discovery and Legal Research are the Most Important Skills of Being Pro Se

The real problem with representing yourself against a debt collector, in a divorce, or any other lawsuit is that you don't have as much knowledge as you need. You will never know as much about the law as a lawyer

Using Exhibits with Motions and Other Paperwork

A friend mentioned he had been getting a few questions from people representing themselves in court, also known as appearing pro se or pro per, and since it is an issue that is both easy and not covered in very

The Most Important Aspect of Representing Yourself Pro Se

A common question is "what is the most important thing for someone representing themselves in court to know?" There are actually a couple of answers to that. In reality it is knowing what you don't know. In other words, don't

How to Read and Brief a Case When Doing Legal Research

As we have said on here many times, the chief advantage an attorney has over a pro se litigant (someone who is representing themselves in court) is knowledge. Not intelligence, but knowledge. What that really means is that they 1)