Now Available – The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections

THE_GUERILLA_GUIDE_TO_TRIAL-240x300Evidence is one of the hardest subjects for a pro se litigant to grasp and so we did this book in a slightly different format.

What we've done is listed out the most common objections a litigant can expect to either make or respond to at trial along with the proper response to the objection and then a short discussion of what that objection and response mean.

This book is designed to be a "quick and dirty" way to handle one of the most important aspects of a case and is useful not only in the actual trial but also in any type of hearings as well as when briefs and documentary evidence are submitted to the court (including summary judgment motions and responses).

The book is not the equivalent of a law school course in evidence but it is going to enable the person who studies it to at least level the playing field when it comes to offering and objecting to any kind of evidence.

The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections is available in PDF and Kindle formats (Nook is coming soon) and is an invaluable resource for anyone representing themselves in a case.

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