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How to Get and Prepare Evidence for Your Case

The best place to start accumulating evidence is through the use of discovery. Interrogatories, requests for production, and requests for admission sent to the other party will often provide all of the evidence necessary to win a case.

What is Hearsay

The concept of hearsay is extremely easy if you understand it and extremely difficult if you do not. We cover it in a lot more detail in our book, The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections, but we still wanted to

Coming Soon – A Free Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuits

We are continuing to produce great books for sale at a great price (The Guerrilla Guides to the Law), so we thought we'd tip you off about a new ebook that will be coming soon. It is still in the editing process

Now Available – The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections

Evidence is one of the hardest subjects for a pro se litigant to grasp and so we did this book in a slightly different format. What we've done is listed out the most common objections a litigant can expect to either