You Can Be Pro Se But Don’t Be An Idiot

Lawyers go to law school for three years, incur a mountain a debt, and then (usually) go through an intense period of apprenticeship for a reason. Law is hard!

Law school does more than just teach you the law it teaches you how to think like a lawyer, which is more important because you can always look up the law. Being able to think like a lawyer is what we stress on here and in The Guerrilla Guides to the Law.

You are not going to be as good a lawyer as most lawyers just by virtue of reading stuff on the internet and, to make it worse, there is no requirement that the stuff you read on the internet even be correct. It can just be someone's idea of what should be the law, not what is the law.

Here at, we take a different approach. Rather than trying some asinine argument that the courts don't have jurisdiction over you, or that courts with a yellow fringe on the flag are admiralty courts rather than civil courts, or that you belong to the Republic of Texas and disavow citizenship in United States, learn to operate within the rules of law that apply and not something some nut in a bunker in Idaho is putting out on the web.

In law, if it sounds too good to be true…it is.

You have likely heard of "loopholes" and their magic effect on the law. However, most of what you heard is BS. What people think of as loopholes certainly exist, but usually they are there for a reason and aren't a defect and it is EXTREMELY unlikely that someone who is not nor has ever been a lawyer has found some new and unique way that guarantees a win and makes a judge have to do anything.

Is the system broken? Probably, (the broken system is the reason we started this website and also the reason that we are putting together The Guerrilla Guides to the Law) but you still have to work within it unless your goal is something other than to win your case.

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