Coming Soon – A Free Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuits

We are continuing to produce great books for sale at a great price (The Guerrilla Guides to the Law), so we thought we'd tip you off about a new ebook that will be coming soon. It is still in the editing process now but should be available very quickly.

The Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuit  will be a free ebook.. While we ware searching the internet and looking for information and topics we noticed A LOT of information out there is misguided, explained poorly, or just plain wrong. The Guerrilla Guide to Lawsuits will provide some basic knowledge about the courts, the legal process, and legal terms. It will not prepare you to represent yourself in a lawsuit but what it will do is give you enough knowledge about the legal system to where you won't be completely lost and set you on a path sure to help those of you who are considering representing yourself. While we are quite sure we could sell this book and everyone would agree they got their money's worth, we are instead choosing to give this one away to do out part in correcting all of the misinformation available elsewhere.

This book should be out in the next few weeks so keep watching this website, subscribe to our RSS feed, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter so you know when they're available. We are considering limiting the number of free books we give away and having that one available only on a periodic basis so when you see the announcement come back here and get yours fast!

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