A Video Guide to Small Claims Court

LessonsInLaw.com is pleased to announce our first video, A Guide to Small Claims Court, is now available.

We have a series of videos planned covering many of the topics we write about but this first one is dedicated to familiarizing our readers with the concept of small claims court, what cases are appropriate for this type of forum, and what cases are not. It doesn't explain exactly how you go about suing in small claims court the way our book The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court does. 

Instead, it is a broad overview of the topic. The information applies to the courts in all 50 states and it will provide a quick analysis to help our readers decide whether small claims court is the right place to look to handle their dispute.

When looking at this topic we were amazed not only that there were a number of videos addressing this topic but also that the other videos contained so much information that was incorrect!

Keep an eye for upcoming features in our video series and we hope they provide helpful information.

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