The Next Guerrilla Guide – Time for Your Input

We have a couple in the works but are thinking of doing The Guerrilla Guide to Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits.

There are a lot of things about applying for disability that don't work the same as you would think and don't work the same as when applying for insurance disability. In addition, there are some "trick questions" in the hearings that appear harmless but can actually devastate your case.

However, we do these for the readers so is this a book you would like to see printed?

If so, would you prefer for the forms to be just blank online or would you want them to be the kind where you fill in the blanks and then the form is printed for you?

Let us know your thoughts on this and anything else by dropping us an email. We really, really do value your opinion and, unlike some companies, the people who read and respond to your emails are the same people who run the company and write the books.

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