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Offers of Proof – Preserving Error in Trial

Information on an Offer of Proof and preserving error can be gained by researching case law, reading the Rules of Civil Procedure or Rules of Court, and practicing. If you have never been in a trial then we suggest

Offers of Proof – A Lesson for Pro Se Litigants

Although any person is entitled to represent themselves in their lawsuit, unless you are going to put the time and effort into really learning the Rules of Civil Procedure (aka the Rules of Court) and the Rules of Evidence you’re

Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel

Res judicata and collateral estoppel are two very important legal concepts which often arise and which few pro se litigants understand. We are gradually going to add additional articles to LessonsInLaw.com on more complex and/or specific legal topics rather than

Using Exhibits with Motions and Other Paperwork

A friend mentioned he had been getting a few questions from people representing themselves in court, also known as appearing pro se or pro per, and since it is an issue that is both easy and not covered in very

The Most Important Aspect of Representing Yourself Pro Se

A common question is "what is the most important thing for someone representing themselves in court to know?" There are actually a couple of answers to that. In reality it is knowing what you don't know. In other words, don't

The Rules and Offers of Proof – Getting Evidence Into the Record for Appeal

The one thing that the legal system, including both lawyers and judges, can do to mess with a person representing themselves is use "the rules". When handling your case in court not only do you have to worry about the

Top Mistakes by People Representing Themselves in a Lawsuit

As our friends at Jurisdictionary pointed out in a recent email, people who choose to represent themselves do so for two main reasons: 1) They don't have the money to spend on a lawyer; and 2) They simply don't want

What is a Default Judgment?

In civil cases when someone is sued they are supposed to file an "Answer" after they are served with the lawsuit. That is the legal term for an initial response in a lawsuit. It can also be called other things,