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Bail Bonds and Other Things to Consider if Arrested

We don't often talk on LessonsInLaw.com about criminal matters because 1) it is ALWAYS possible to have a lawyer if you are accused of a crime and there is a possibility of jail time, and 2) I think that anyone who

What You Can Learn Here – Realistic Expectations

I've heard people who are representing themselves boast that they're "as smart as any lawyer". I'd wager the people making this assertion are correct, to an extent. Just as with any other section of society there are smart lawyers and

Arbitration – One Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (Video included)

​In an earlier article we discussed the most common form of alternative dispute resolution, more commonly referred to as ADR, mediation. In this post we are going to discuss arbitration, which is much more complicated and much less common. All