Sources for Legal Information

We've said this before and we just want to take a moment to restate it, be careful where you get information.

There are a number of websites that exist out there, particularly in the are of debt collection, that are filled with self designated experts who will tell you what works and what doesn't. These are usually in the nature of forums where some people seem to do nothing all day but post on there.

Beware anything you see on a forum.  In one, there were 10 posts on a particular topic and 8 of them were dead wrong about the law and the basis of the law. The other two were asking questions. If anyone follows the advice given by those people they are almost certainly going to lose their case and likely going to be sanctioned by the judge.

One of the reasons we chose to publish The Guerrilla Guide to How to Fight a Debt Collection Lawsuit when we did is because of all of the incorrect information that now exists in self published books and on the web. 

Also, the people on the forums and other amateur websites approach being obsessed with the topic. Unfortunately, they take something they hear or read out of context and never bother to educate themselves on how or why the law works the way it does. If you don't understand the "why" of something, then you can't understand how to use it or how to prepare for it. The Guerrilla Guides to the Law do more than just give you forms and examples, they try and teach you the basics behind why you are taking certain steps and get you to think about what it will mean for your case.

In short, be careful out there. The law is difficult and very, very few people are going to be able to learn it on their own, especially if they don't visit us on

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