How to Ask a Lawyer a Question Cheap

One of the most common complaints that we hear is from people who just have a couple of questions from a lawyer and want to ask them, but don't want to have to pay a hundred dollars or more just for a couple of questions. So what do we tell them?

Here we are going to put a shameless plug in for one of our advertisers. There is a website called JustAnswer that allows you to ask legal questions from their experts (they also have experts in a lot of other fields) over the internet. You are allowed to set the price that you are willing to pay, but usually for under $40 you can get an answer to a question. They also have a subscription program where you pay a monthly fee and then you get to ask unlimited questions.

It is a great deal for someone that wants to handle a case themselves, but still get some guidance from a legal expert. Another advantage is that the experts there are really experts, they've graduated from law school and most of them have an active law practice in addition to doing some work for the website. Compare that to a place where you get questions answered for free, but the person answering your question may have no training and is actually just using the WAG method (Wild Ass Guess).

We highly recommend that you consider using them and there is a box that you can use to ask the question on the sidebar of the website and we are putting another one in this post. By the way, there is a satisfaction guaranteed agreement so if your question isn't answered you aren't required to pay. However, remember that "karma is a bitch" and don't refuse to pay just because you don't like the answer. While the answer you get will be truthful, it isn't guaranteed to be pleasant or one you want to hear. If they answer it, then accept the answer so that the expert gets paid and can continue providing this valuable service.

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