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When a person makes the difficult decision to represent themselves one of the first things they should realize is how little they know. The second thing to realize is that they will be operating in a whole new world from what they are used to.

An initial questions that crosses the minds of many litigants is "where do I file my lawsuit"?

Not too many years ago finding information on a correct court was a time intensive labor since you had to go to a multitude of websites and find a piece of the puzzle on each.  That changed with a new website that went online a few years ago and has gradually been adding information and rewriting its code for ease of use.

www.MyLawNetwork.com is a website designed by lawyers and intended to be used by lawyers. However, at this time the access to it is free and it contains valuable information that can be used by anyone involved in a lawsuit.

The folks at MyLawNetwork.com have stated that their intentions are to have the most complete database on courts and court personnel in the United States and, just looking it over, it appears that they have far surpassed their goals already.

To use the website you simply key in their web address, www.MyLawNetwork.com, or click on a link like this one.

Once at the website you simply click on the state, then choose the county/parish, then choose the court. It also has search bars where you can type in the name of the court or the name of the judge and then select from the list.

Use of the website is quick and intuitive. It is well designed and was obviously done by someone who knew how the legal system, and lawyers, work.

The individual courts are keyed by judge and allow comments on both the judge and the courtroom so, eventually as more people use the system, a stranger to that court can look online and get not only the address, phone number, etc., but also notes left by other litigants on the judge and the court personnel. For instance, before you leave for a trial wouldn't it be nice to glance at a computer screen and know right away whether there is a projector handy, any rules on using technology, etc.

While the folks at MyLawNetwork.com tell us that data entry will likely be ongoing forever, replacing old judges with new ones, updating court personnel, etc. at this point they have more records by far than anyone else on the internet and they are continuing to modify and improve the interface.

In addition to the information on each specific court, when a user clicks on the state a description of the court system is presented at the top of the page which explains the various courts jurisdiction as well as any other pertinent information.

We at LessonsInLaw.com give MyLawNetwork.com a big thumbs up for ease of use and completeness of information plus, it is free for right now although that is likely to change in the future.

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