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Where Can I Go for More Info?

There are a lot of good places on the web to get legal information. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong.


There a couple of start ups that we are affiliated with that may provide you some additional information.

The first is a new website that is still under development that provides legal information videos. It is called and has a lot of good information in a short and easy to understand format. In addition, they have links to other sites and a lot of legal info in a printed form. If you have a suggestion or want to see a particular topic, let them know and I know they will take your suggestion seriously.

The next is a legal form website called It is also still in development and only the basics are online right now. They are starting with Texas and spreading out from there, but the documents can be slightly modified to fit any state.

Also, on our sidebars you may notice some ads. While there are the usual ads placed there by Google (hey, we have to pay the bills somehow) there are also specific ones for other legal information sources. These were specifically selected for this site. While we don’t control how they do things or what the results are in any way, we do feel these are worth looking at.

When you look around the web BE CAREFUL. There are an incredibly large amount of website out there providing information that is not only wrong but dangerously wrong in terms of your legal issue. Just because someone was successful in their own case doesn’t mean they are lawyers or really know what they are doing.