Payday Loan Scam

Although this website is really devoted to helping people understand the legal system and representing themselves in lawsuits, occasionally we'll throw a tip on here just to help out.

There is a scam out there now that popped up about a year or two ago but is quickly growing. It seems to target people who have either gotten a payday loan online or who have looked at the websites.

The way the scam works is that you get a call from someone, usually someone with a strong Indian or Hispanic accent, who tells you that you are about to have a warrant issued for your arrest if you don't immediately wire money to them. This is represented to be because you took out a payday loan and used false information or never repaid it and therefore you are going to be charged with theft or fraud.

If you get a call like this and don't believe it is correct, contact the police. The fact that someone wants you to wire money to them or you are going to be arrested is almost always a scam. In addition, if it turns out that you actually do owe the money then contacting the police will verify the debt and they won't arrest you without giving you a chance to pay.

This scam happens hundreds of times a day so don't fall for it!

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