Now Available: The Guerrilla Guide to Settling Your Car Wreck Case

The third eBook in the Guerrilla Guide to the Law series is now available through the Amazon Kindle store as well as in PDF format through

The Introduction to the book explains the purpose behind this volume as well as why many people can represent themselves in a car wreck settlement and save on attorney's fees while getting the best settlement possible.



Are you going to know as much as an attorney about car wreck cases when you finish this book?

 Probably not, or at least not as much as most attorneys who do a lot of car wreck cases. Attorneys spend at least three years in law school and hours every month reading case law and dealing with issues relating to personal injuries and car wrecks. Every year they are required to attend mandatory Continuing Legal Education seminars that provide tips and current law on a variety of topics, including personal injury cases. These all work together to give them a tremendous advantage over the lay person when trying to settle a car wreck case short of trial.

 The real question, and the one that should interest you, isn’t how much you know but whether or not you will be able to do just as good a job as an attorney on your case when you finish this book?

Again, probably not. However, what you may be able to achieve is to do almost as good a job and end up getting more money for yourself than you would have after you deduct what the attorney would charge you and, in addition, you may achieve this sooner and that alone has some inherent value. To most, 95 cents today is worth more than a dollar would be two years from now.

The Guerrilla Guide to Settling Your Car Wreck Case is a little different than most of the other Guerrilla Guides. We did this one after looking at several of the other books on the market alleging to cover this topic and we realized that they were page after page of either nonsense or stuff that just didn’t matter. Why do you need a chapter devoted to whether you should hire a lawyer when, if you bought this book, you have already decided you don’t? Why do you need written exercises to do and why waste money on extra pages in a book for you to complete these written exercises when no one does them anyway?

You can buy the Guerrilla Guides to the law at and at Coming soon to the Nook at Barnes and Noble.

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