Holiday Season is a Great Time to Do Discovery

If you are pro se (aka pro per or representing yourself) then you need every advantage you can get. One of these is to catch them other side when they aren't at the top of their form.

If you are facing a lawyer on the other side of your case, this time of the year is one when it is hard to get settings, everything is rushed, and many clients and insurance companies are trying to get cases resolved before year end.

Use this to your advantage and send your discovery now.

Sending discovery during the holidays makes it more likely that objections and deadlines will be missed by the other side which puts you into a better position.

If they request an extension on answer, give it to them but don't allow an extension on objections. If they send you a letter of agreement wherein you agree to extend the answer period, check it carefully to be sure it doesn't also allow them to extend the time for objections. If it does, cross that language out before signing and be sure and keep a copy of the signed letter. If they send you a letter with that language but it doesn't have a place for you to sign and send back, then follow it up with a letter of your own explaining that you extended the time for them to answer but not the time to object.

A pro se litigant has to take advantage of every opportunity and this time of the year offers that chance.

Also, if you're not extremely familiar with discovery now would be a good time to invest in The Guerrilla Guide to Written Discovery. It provides information and examples allowing you to craft your questions and answers to protect yourself and get the information you need from your opponent. Plus, we've extended our sale prices on all of The Guerrilla Guides to the Law.

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