Be Careful of Internet Experts on the Law!

I was looking through some of the legal self help videos on YouTube today and was astounded at the number of imbeciles posting absolutely incorrect information in the comments section.

One commenter explained how "pro per" was different than "pro se" in practice (they're not) and referred to Black's Law Disctionary as authoritative (it isn't).

Another one in particular went to great lengths to explain how he has won a multi-million dollar judgment in a case he had taken to trial and represented himself when he was in his early twenties.

He also spent most of the post pontificating on how a judge is required to explain to a person appearing pro per what they did wrong and how to  correct their mistakes and that if they didn't the litigant could sue the city or county where the court was located.

This is so far from being correct that it is ridiculous. 

Judges are absolutely prohibited from providing legal advice to a litigant and particularly helping them handle their case. 

Once again this is a reminder that if someone isn't or wasn't a lawyer and never went to law school then you shouldn't listen to them. Many of them not only are wrong but their "advice" will get you into serious trouble if you listen to them!

All posts here on, unless specifically noted, are written by professionals. Some still have an active practice and some do not but all have demonstrated knowledge in this area.

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