Asking What Form Do I Use

I have seen on a number of different websites, including JustAnswer, which is one of our affiliates and which allows you to set your own price to ask a legal expert a question, that the most asked question is "What form do I use for ________?"

We have discussed that issue before on LessonsInLaw at this post, this one, this one,  as well as this one, but I want to ask a serious question at this point. If you can't even figure out what form you are supposed to use why are you even considering representing yourself?

We don't try to make anyone feel stupid on here but what we do try and accomplish is to make everyone cognizant of their limitations. A lawyer friend of mine was once asked to do a "simple deed" and he refused and instead referred them to another lawyer. Most attorneys would have taken the person's money but my friend said to me, "Real estate law is constantly changing and if you don't do a lot of it, you shouldn't do any of it."

He knew his limitations.

If you are not even familiar enough with the legal system to know the name of the form you want to use, then how are you possibly going to spot any problems, handle them, or present your case in a way that will achieve what you want to achieve?

The internet is full of legal forms sites and they do offer a valuable service but if you have to ask which form you need, then you don't need a form…you need a lawyer.

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