Writing a Letter to a Judge

Writing a Letter to a Judge

Many people involved in a court case want to write a letter to the judge to either explain their side of the story or provide additional information.

While each state has its own rules regarding judicial conduct, one universal rules is that judges are not allowed to have contact with anyone involved in a case outside of the courtroom or when all parties aren’t present. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rules such as when you ask for an emergency order, but these are done under carefully controlled conditions and a letter to the judge doesn’t meet these requirements.

Contact with a judge outside of the courtroom or without all parties present is known as an “ex parte communication” and is absolutely forbidden in most circumstances. Even an attempt to do this can result in sanctions against you, just as they would against an attorney. The sanctions could include a monetary fine, dismissal of your case, or even jail for contempt.

We have prepared a video which explains the basics of writing to a judge in a short and easily understandable format.

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