Warning!!! – New Email Scam

Email Scam Alert

While we are not a website about scams we do believe in keeping our readers as informed as possible. We have just learned about a new email scam that is making the rounds and the crooks who are doing it appear to make a lot of money.

While the basics of the scam are the same as others this one has a unique twist which is causing some people to fall for it.

The scam is most commonly referred to as a “Sextortion Scam” and the twist which is enabling this bunch of trash to take money from people is that they actually have and put in the email one of your passwords you have used in the past. I will give the full text of a sample email below and then explain where they obtained the information. The first word in the email, which we have removed for this post, will actually be a password you have used in the past.

(ACTUAL PASSWORD REMOVED FOR THIS ARTICLE) one of your pass. Lets get right to purpose. Nobody has paid me to check you. You may not know me and you’re probably wondering why you’re getting this e mail?

Well, I placed a software on the adult videos (porn material) website and there’s more, you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean). When you were viewing videos, your browser initiated functioning as a RDP with a keylogger which provided me with access to your display screen and cam. Right after that, my software collected every one of your contacts from your Messenger, Facebook, and email . And then I made a video. 1st part displays the video you were watching (you’ve got a nice taste lol . . .), and 2nd part displays the recording of your webcam, and its you.

You do have only 2 options. Let us read these types of choices in aspects:

First solution is to just ignore this e mail. As a result, I am going to send your very own video recording to all your your contacts and then just consider concerning the awkwardness you will get. In addition in case you are in an important relationship, how it will eventually affect?

Next alternative is to compensate me $7000. I will call it a donation. Consequently, I will quickly erase your video footage. You could continue on your way of life like this never happened and you are never going to hear back again from me.

You’ll make the payment by Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for “how to buy bitcoin” in Google search engine).

BTC Address to send to: 14AWkT5bJehQt7fGnS18uuEgTUn5smWWAr
[case-sensitive so copy and paste it]

If you are curious about going to the law, surely, this e-mail cannot be traced back to me. I have taken care of my moves. I am just not attempting to ask you for money a whole lot, I just want to be paid. You have one day in order to make the payment. I have a special pixel within this e mail, and at this moment I know that you have read through this e mail. If I do not receive the BitCoins, I will definately send your video to all of your contacts including family members, co-workers, and many others. Nonetheless, if I do get paid, I’ll erase the recording immediately. This is a non-negotiable offer so do not waste my time & yours by responding to this message. If you need evidence, reply with Yup & I definitely will send your video to your 14 contacts.=

The misspellings and improper English use were left intact so you could see an actual email with the exact wording.

The inclusion of an actual password the recipient has used in the past is what makes this scam different than most of them. This is done to lend credibility to their claim, even though it isn’t credible at all.

This is a copy of an actual email received by someone we know, minus any identifying information and with asterisks in place of their password. As you can tell from their syntax and the way they phrase their email, the scammer is not from the U.S. I suspect it is Russian in nature, but it could easily be from one of the other countries in the former U.S.S.R. or even India or Pakistan, although the Indian scammers usually use better English than this. There are some variations in the wording but they all are very similar.

What has apparently happened is that sometime in the last ten years there was a data breach at some company, not a porn site, where this information was stolen along with the email address they are using to make the demand.

They do not have a video of you from a porn site or a webcam and they are not going to send anything to anyone.

There are a few websites out there reporting on this scam email, such as this one and also this one, but for some reason the word has not gotten out well and the scammers have been able to make at $50k so far.

If you receive an email like this then do some research, read the article I gave the link to above (since it has links to several other sites), and then file a complaint with www.IC3.gov, the government agency which has jurisdiction to pursue and prosecute these types of scammers.

Above all do not respond to them and DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY!

You can also take the following steps to protect yourself in the future.

  • You should get into a regular habit of periodically changing your passwords, not using the same one for multiple websites, and not store the passwords on your computer
  • Purchase a good anti-virus and anti-keystroke logger program and run it regularly. (KARREN CAN YOU ADD A LINK TO ONE FROM AMAZON WHERE WE GET CREDIT)
  • Also, you can go to this website, enter your email address, and they will tell you whether your email is likely to have been stolen in any hacks. DO NOT TRUST THE COMPANIES TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR INFO HAS BEEN STOLEN.