Legal Videos Coming Soon

New Format Being Tested – Legal Videos

For a while now we’ve been working on an idea for a website called That website will be used in conjunction with this one, but will be short videos on legal topics and, as the name implies, each video will be about 3 minutes long. These videos will consist of both animations and speakers recorded live.

Until we complete that website, we’re going to hosting the videos here on a special section of, and we invite you to watch them, send us suggestions or post comments as to ways to improve, let us know what topics you want to see and hear, and just let us know your thoughts in general.  We still have the comments set to where they have to be approved by us to post. That’s to keep the SPAMMERS away and we’ll likely be excluding certain countries, known for hacking and SPAMMING, from being able to post at all.

When we move the videos to the “official” website we’ll be sure and post to let everyone know. we’ll also be starting a newsletter/email list soon so that we can keep you informed on changes taking place on our websites and in legal news around the country.

Ways to Track Articles and Website Changes

Until we start the email list I’d encourage everyone to click on our RSS feed on the first page and add us to your RSS reader, your account (by the way, is a great way to get updates on different websites and blogs without having to visit each one individually), or whatever other mechanism you use to keep track of websites. Of course, you can always follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll probably be adding other social media feeds as needed.

So keep visiting us and we’ll keep working on new topics for the articles, books and now the videos!