How Small Claims Court Works

A Guide to Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court allows ordinary people the chance to resolve disputes without the need to hire a lawyer.

Small claims court is a great system for those persons choosing to represent themselves. The rules are usually more relaxed, the process is less formal, and the costs are much lower.

Each state has a maximum amount which can be sued for in their Small Claims Court. We have created a table with east state and their jurisdictional limits.

We have prepared a video which explains the basics of small claims court in a short and easily understandable format.

To see more of the 3MinuteLaw videos go to our video gallery page. We will be adding videos periodically so follows us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for updates as we post new videos. also offers The Guerrilla Guide to Small Claims Court.

In this book, Lawyer X walks potential litigants through the complete small claims process beginning with ways to resolve cases suitable for small claims court without actually having to go to court, preparing and filing the case, then methods of collecting (preventing collection) after the case is over.

As is always the case with a Guerrilla Guide to the Law, this book is filled with information necessary to a party to a lawsuit whether they be the Plaintiff or Defendant.