Considering Representing Yourself? Please Take This One Question Survey

Most people come to this website because they have a legal issue and are looking for information to make the important decision on whether to represent themselves or spend the money and hire a lawyer to assist them.

Our website likely has an article, podcast or video already on it which will help and all of these are free. If a decision is made to appear “Pro Se” or Pro Per” (both of which essentially mean a person is representing themselves in court) then we have our Guerrilla Guides to the Law series which cover a variety of topics.  These ebooks are inexpensive, easy to understand, and full of information from a trial lawyer’s perspective, leveling the playing field and explaining how to compete with the lawyers or give you a huge advantage over your opponent if they represent themselves.

However, as the podcast (audio) and video pages show we are now considering whether to expand our services beyond articles and books to include the audio/podcast format and/or the video format and want to know how our readers prefer to get their information. It would be a great help to us if you would take just a moment before you begin looking over our materials and provide an answer to the following survey: